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The Beauty of Japanese Irises

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Using lines and empty space for emphasis, Ikebana is the Japanese art of flower arranging. The goal in this form of art is to suggest the entire realm of nature where the flower originated. Rather than filling a vase with a selection of flowers, this art form selections only a few flowers at most. Leaves, bare branches and other natural items, such as moss, are used to illuminate the beauty of nature in its own surroundings.

The Japanese have developed their art styles over the centuries in what many might consider a minimalist style. While a flower arrangement designed by a Westerner might have roses, baby’s breath and ferns, the Japanese artist would have single rose surrounded by thorny branches. The pot might be flat to allow more view of the natural elements rather than a large vase covering most of the bare stems. Japanese flower art tries to show the beauty of nature with all parts of the plant rather than simply choosing the most pleasing elements of several plants and combining them.